DMCA is in conformity with 17 USC 512 and the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA). Our policy is aimed at responding to and calling for disciplinary actions against an infringement of copyright of a content or link on our website.
1. On Softfiler, if we have posted one of your contents or provided one of your links, then you are requested to send us intimation full of detail regarding such content or link. Before you take any legal action, make sure the details provided by you are considerable. If such details do not prove to be so, then you will liable to reimburse loses we bore in this regard.
2. Make sure the details you provide us contain:
– proper identification of the authorized person acting on the owner’s behalf
– contact information, including a valid email address. (You are required to furnish the details of how specific content or link has been infringed. Moreover, please provide us one single search leading such content or link to open on
– a declaration whereupon a statement says that such content or link is duly copyrighted by the owner.
– a declaration whereupon a statement says that the details are all correct and that the owner of the content or link has duly authorized the person complaining against the infringement of copyright.
– the signature of the authorized person
3.Please write us on [email protected]
4. If you complain against this infringement of copyright to any unrelated party such as our Internet Service Provider, then it causes to decelerate the process and nothing else. After you have written us, we expect you to allow us 2 to 3 working days for a formal reply.